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Quebec-Raised Rack of Lamb Quebec-Raised Rack of Lamb
Price $44.00

The rack of lamb is one of the most sophisticated and gourmet meals you could serve. It has a strong flavour profile which anyone who enjoys lamb will fall for, and what’s more, it’s one of the most tender cuts of lamb. Our rack of lamb has been trimmed, all you need to do is season, cook, serve and enjoy!

50 Day Aged USDA Prime Ribeye
Price $35.00

Ribeye steaks are a perfectly balanced cut; their rich marbling makes them extremely tender, and they have a wonderfully pronounced flavour.

60 Day Aged USDA Prime...
Price $99.00

Tomahawk steaks are an impressive cut of beef and are definitely meant to be enjoyed with friends! It’s a tasty cut that everyone will enjoy, why not try it the next time you have friends over for dinner? We recommend sharing one steak between two people, but we do know some men who like the challenge of eating the whole thing themselves!

50 Day Aged USDA Prime...
Price $39.00

A porterhouse steak is a type of T-Bone — a T-shaped bone with meat on each side. Porterhouse steaks have great marbling through the striploin, and an incredibly melt-in-the-mouth section of tenderloin. Porterhouse steaks are cut from the rear end of the short loin and contain more tenderloin than a standard T-Bone.

50 Day Aged USDA Prime...
Price $34.00

Red meat aficionados often prefer ribeye and bone-in rib steaks. They’re fatty cuts, which makes them very flavourful. The cuts of meat are the same, but as it’s still on the bone, bone-in rib steak is even tastier

BBQ Whisky Marinated Short...
Price $22.00

One of the most popular cuts of beef, short ribs are absolutely delicious, and ours couldn’t be easier to prepare because we’ve already cooked them sous-vide for you, making them ultra tender. The meat will fall off the bone, and you’re bound to love the BBQ whisky sauce.

60 Day Aged USDA Prime Beef...
Price $24.00

The tenderloin is one of the most sought-after cuts of meat for anyone who enjoys a lean and tender steak, and this one has been aged for 60 days, bringing out even more flavour.

Beef Wellington with a Port... Beef Wellington with a Port...
Price $21.00

Beef Wellington—the ultimate beef tenderloin dish—is a classic British dish of tenderloin coated in duxelles and wrapped in prosciutto then covered in puff pastry: it’s decadent and delicious!

Quebec-Raised Milk-Fed Veal...
Price $24.00

Some of our favourite herbs and spices to pair with veal are bay leaves, basil, rosemary, cumin, thyme, cloves and saffron. 

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